Sponsoring Events or Shows by Soirée

Soirée and our partners are only able to organize and host community events because of the support from the local community itself.

This support comes in the form of sponsorships. No matter how small of a donation, we will always be able to work with you, and allocate your donation accordingly while providing the right incentives to mutually benefit your business or organization
Our incentives for sponsorships include, but are not limited to, poster and flier advertisements, radio broadcasts, social media, web-linking on ticketing sites, and billboards. Soirée has the ability to advertise to a large audience in the Fort Wayne area. Given the size of your donation and the project, we usually have packages outlined in an informational packet or proposal. Feel Free to ask us about a copy!
Philmore Phest in 2015 was our first event. Sponsors included Sweetwater, Start Fort Wayne, and Haller & Colvin. Their support is what made the event possible, and therefore, helped begin Soirée! 
Below are a few examples of posters from sponsored events including logos from our supporters: 

Your sponsorship will help fuel the project Soirée is engaged in at the time, and therefore, will help the community in several ways.


Soirée and the local art community greatly appreciate any support!

------------ Current Sponsorship Opportunities ---------

Click on the event below that you're interested in sponsoring: 

For other inquiries, contact us directly at info@atthesoiree.com. Additional information including sponsorship proposals are also available upon request.