The initial idea behind Soirée....

... was elementary to say the least. Personally funded and without a business plan or defined goal, it turned out to be a niche needing filled.

In the beginning, Soirée was only a way to legitimize house shows beyond DIY and to provide a trustworthy name. Driven by passion, persistence, and commitment, it was a short time before Soirée started gaining more of a reputation than previously expected. Since, we’ve become something a little more than legitimate, and a little more complicated to explain…

What does Soirée do? 

Soirée engages and engulfs - everything music with subtle artistic additions. It adapts to and follows forever-changing industry guidelines and standards. Soirée follows what’s going on, and keeps you updated on things you’d be interested in. Soirée is intended to, and succeeds to, provide talented musicians an outlet for everything not having to do with the creative process – locally and nationally. There’s simply too much within music to only be involved with one aspect. As a visual analogy, Soirée is a kid in a candy store with a violent sweet-tooth and ADD.”
-Brent Drake, Founder

Photos by: Adam Garland