Heaven’s Gateway Drugs

Deep in the belly of old Midwest biker haunts, psych-rock four piece, Heaven’s Gateway Drugs, has carved out their unholy burrow. Consisting of Derek Mauger (top, left) on guitar and vocals, Ben Carr (top, right) front-man percussionist, James Wadsworth (bottom, left) drums, and Brandon Zolman (bottom, right) vocals and bass, these four horsemen have brought Fort Wayne a trippy glass of kool-aid—and they haven’t stopped there.
With their bright, surf rock inspired guitar licks the group has paired the steady rhythmic pulse of psychedelic drone—a combination that allows the members to trade amongst themselves a musical breadth of sorts. The track “Read Between the Lines” showcases this characteristic as you focus on the main guitar riff until the bass kicks in, passing it then to the drums to punctuate the phrase.  All this capped by glamesque vocals spiral into an iceberg of a sound—a wolf wearing a dolls mask—a lightness brushed over grave and severe undertones that only peak through in songs like “Gone to Ground” and “Six Steps” but yet you still get a sense for in their more upbeat title “Apropos,” a contrast that truly allows the group to sound unworldly.
It's not unlikely to stumble into a dingy unadvertised bar—on any given day of the week—and find yourself looking up to the 6’3 Ben, mystifying a crowd of swaying hipsters at the command of his tambourine. Brandon pushing a swell of bass through the room, James with eyes in the back of his head chanting a secret mantra, while Derek works magic on his Jazzmaster, pacing a look through the crowd as he sings “Now you know/what its like to die” a lyric that proves the band’s intention toward cultivating something more than just what you listen to while you have a beer, but rather turning it into an experience in tune with the dark mythical euphoria of a bar that sheds bricks into its alleys cluttered with cigarette butts, a food truck, lined with shit cars and antique stores. And so Ben steps to the mic and says “Thank you. We are Heaven’s Gateway Drugs.” You get where I’m going with this? If not, then I implore you: go, seek, and see.

Article by:          Caleb Adams

Heaven's Gateway Drugs - Copper Hill

Recent / Upcoming Shows:

1/22 - The Brass Rail - Fort Wayne, IN. (W/ Sailor Poon & Void Reunion)

1/26 - The Brass Rail - Fort Wayne, IN. (W/ Garbage Greek)

1/28 - Rumba Cafe - Columbus, OH. (W/ Brujas del Sol & Garbage Greek)

3/3 - The Tiger Room - Fort Wayne, IN. (W/ Belle & The Strange & March On, Comrade)

4/29 - The B-Side - Fort Wayne, IN. (NEW SONG SHOW)

4/30 - The Brass Rail - Fort Wayne, IN. (W/ Cave Of Swords & March On, Comrade)

5/10 - The Tiger Room - Fort Wayne, IN. (W/ The Harlequins & My Apollo)

5/11 - Milwaukee Psych Fest V: Resistance

7/23 - Broadway Street Stroll - Fort Wayne, IN.

9/8-9 - Kaleidoscope Eye Music Festival - Chicago, IL.


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Ben Carr - Percussion

Brandon Lee Zolman - Vocals, Bass

Derek Mauger - Lead Vocals, Guitar

James Francis Wadsworth - Drums

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Record Label: Dizzybird Records


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