Hales Corner

Hales Corner

Wesley Cook was born in Hales Corners, Wisconsin. From there, he moved to grow up in a little town in Indiana known for caskets and hospital beds, then went on to pursue a Philosophy degree at Indiana University. There, he met Caleb Adams in a drawing class freshman year. Caleb had lived in Fort Wayne most of his life, coming to Indiana University for Religious Studies and English.
Early on, they formed a music-driven relationship bonding over bands like The Velvet Underground, The Kinks, The Nerves, Radiohead, Deerhunter, Devendra Banhart, and Elliott Smith. They soon began casually playing music together. For the next few years they played sporadically at best; the occasional wine-driven dorm-jam, a few lazy Sunday collaborations and such. Every once in a while a song would emerge with melodies that floated without resolution, left to be the object of nostalgia and not much else.

Beyond91.com Live Session

Fast forward three years - both Caleb and Wes were over a year out of college and had experienced what seemed to be no small amount of the grind that is adult life. Caleb had just quit a cubicle job to drive across the country to a fresh start in LA. However, on the way his car broke down, twice. The second time leaving him stranded in Oklahoma. Thankfully, an Uncle that lived in Colorado was able to tow him and his car back to Indiana. Emotionally deflated and unwillingly placed back in Fort Wayne, his Los Angeles plans were slowly forgotten.
Meanwhile, Wes remained in Bloomington, playing in bands and working a warehouse job at Secretly Distribution.
Slowly the two began talking again, sending each other demos eventually sprouting the idea to put out some sort of split release. However, after getting together a few times, they began writing songs collaboratively. Soon enough, they had enough material to put down an entire album.

Truly a sum that is greater than it's parts, Hales Corner was born out of foiled plans and apathy in the face of the looming future during the early winter of 2015...

Garden View - Music Video

Album "Garden View" by Hales Corner


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Wesley Cook - Lead Vocal, Guitar

Caleb Adams - Guitar, Keys

Ben Craig - Bass

Earl Keith - Drums

Recent / Upcoming Shows:

2/17 - Darling Recordings Showcase @ Musical Family Tree - Indianapolis, IN (W/ Moor Hound & Stone Irr)

4/1 - Pioneer - Indianapolis, IN (W/ Chives & Major Murphy)

4/15 - Soirée Acoustic Showcase @ The B-Side - Fort Wayne, IN (W/ Jared Andrews, Jess Thrower, & The Legendary Trainhoppers)

4/16 - The Bishop - Bloomington, IN. (W/ Vundabar)

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